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Adopt-A-Family Children, Adrienne Clark, Adrienne Percival, Aidana Baldassarre, Amanda Albuquerque, Amanda Wetzeal, Amy Schneider, Amy Stein, Andrea Laing, Andy Amoroso, Arie Strobel, Ashley Alshut, Barbara Reeve, Barbara Aubel, Becky Gray, Ben Ellis, BJ Hawk, Bridgit Stoffer, Brenda Eagle Smith, Brian Kirsch, Brig Earl, Buttons Ryan Brokovich, Carl Stoveland, Carla Blockson, Carmen Gonzales, Carol Glasser, Cathy Turk, Celeste Governanti, Charka Shafer, Charlene Blevens, Charlotte Bahm, Chris Gostling, Christopher Valdez, Cindy Ruth Ansell, Cindy Thierry, Clare Shore, Cordelia Jones, Craig Frost, Michael Stetser, Danielle Hayes, Dannette MacGregor, Darrin Engel, Dave Wilson,  David Winters,  Dean Sherwin, Deborah Carlisle-Null, Debra Robert, Diana Scheiner, Drew Nyman, Elisa Saether, Elise  LaTorre, Emily Gorman, Erin May Hanlon, Faith Watson, Gabriela Sheehan, Gael Silverblatt, George Campbell, Gisela Aguilera, Glenn Scheiner, Heidi Watkowski, Herman Robinson, Imelda Neary, Jackie Delgado, Janet Converse-Kanai, Janet Serrano, Jason Fairbanks, Jason Megibow, Jean Conlisk, Jeannie Hoban, Jenifer Gillen, Jennifer Minogue, Jennifer Scherwin, Jenny McCready, Jerusha Benjamin, Jessica Angeli, JoAnn Nava, Joanne Kelly, John Lundberg, John Resch, Jori Gray Grozier, Joyce Greenberg Brown, Judy Easton, Julie Severin, Justin Olive, Kara Wilson, Karen Horvat, Karla Engel, Karri Casper, Kathleen Holmes, Katie Curtis, Katie Mcgiveron,  Keith Same,  Ken Mullins,  Kristine Wilson,  Kylie Forsyth

Laurie Decker, Leann Harms, Leisa Simone Murdock, Jim Durbin, Leslie Smith, Lillian Lewis, Linda Roman, Lindy White Seto, Lorraine Ramirez Hernandez, Lou Bristol, Luke Watson, Lynn Zimmerman, LynnEllen Huff, Mandy Mizell, Maria Paz, Marisé Avilés-Gonzalez, Marshall Pass, Maryann Polizzi Furth, Matt Constantine, Maura Miellie, May Goodstein, Maya SmithMelissa Knight, Melodie Malfa, Michael Hoyt, Michael Seto, Michelle Bernzweig, Miguelina Krier, Mike Calhoun, Mike Cribbet, Monica Villanueva Morales, Nancy Goddard, Nancy Lee, Natalie Yoshino Ellis, Nicole Galluccio, Nicole Laing, Nina Trachtenberg Benaroch, Noah Prescott, Palm Beach State College Fine Art & Art Appreciation Students, Pam Triolo, Patricia Hazelton, Paula Maxwell, Pedro Gabriel Antonio, Philip Materio, Rachel Shapiro, Ramsay MacLeod, Rebecca Bryant Art, Reggie Durandisse, Rene Albert Morales, Renée Scholl Hoyt, Robert Waples II, Rockee Rococo, Ruth Ekiert, Ruth Renée, Ry Neilsen, Ryan Maier, Sam Goodstein, Samantha Rashkin, Sandra Lewis, Sandra Ortega Lee, Sandy Weston, Sarah Parr Malega, Scott Maxwell, Scott Schaefer, Shannon Torrence, Shauna Coolican, Shelagh Murphy Dufault, Shona Margaret Dick, Sofie Tamayo, Steffanie Mayo, Steven McLemore, Susan Nestler, Susan Ona, Tammy Pansa, Ted Johnson, Teri McFadden Abrams, Terry Dottor, Terry Molina, Tim Gamwell, Tina Elias Casazza, Tom Johnson, Trudy Lowe, Victoria Rose Martin, Wendy Stoveland, William Brasmar, Yolanda Vazquez

Lake Worth Little Free Library  

Stewards, Artists and Builders

These are the people who have given their precious time and talent to build community and enhance literacy in the city and the neighborhoods they cherish.


These are the Stewards, who tend the Little Free Libraries. Their primary purpose is to so engage their neighbors that every single person who comes in contact with a Little Free Library feels like it belongs to them personally ~ because, in fact and practice, it does. They keep the Little Free Libraries tidy and well-stocked, ready to serve everyone who comes to "Take A Book ~ Leave A Book". 


These are our Artists, who have made Lake Worth Little Free Libraries an unexpected but beloved public art project. Each Lake Worth Little Free Library is a unique expression of what community means and how it inspires our thriving art community whose unlimited creativity and generosity makes Lake Worth the place we are  always proud to call our home. 

These are our Builders who are very special people. They rarely experience the one on one interchange that our Stewards so often enjoy with Little Free Library patrons. Their work is done before the Artists ever put paint to brush so they may only see the finished product after it has been planted in one of our neighborhoods. They pour their hearts into every cut of lumber, every nail, every joint and when it's all finished, all that anyone can see is how beautifully they've been crafted and how amazingly well they stand up to the punishing heat, unrelenting UV rays and frequent thunderstorms that define our weather here in Paradise. 

Be sure to visit our public Facebook page for great pictures and wonderful individual stories about all our Stewards, Artists and Builders. Here and now, let their names be indelibly etched in the history and the future of Lake Worth Little Free Libraries.

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