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Our Mission

To plant and sustain a Little Free Library within safe and easy walking distance of every neighbor in the City of Lake Worth.

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Our Organization

Lake Worth Little Free Libraries, Inc. is an entirely volunteer driven non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida. Lake Worth Little Free Libraries are built, painted, installed, maintained, repaired when necessary and lovingly tended by people who volunteer their precious time and talent.

Our History

Lake Worth Little Free Libraries began in January, 2015. Inspired by a post on Facebook from which we learned all about the Little Free world wide book sharing network, a group of people came together to enhance literacy and build on the already strong Community of Neighbors for which Lake Worth, Florida has always been admired.


Many months were spent in planning and setting up a network of volunteers committed to our mission. Permissions and partnerships were established, funding was secured through grants and the first 24 Lake Worth Little Free Libraries were planted in November, 2015. 

Our initial goal, to plant 100 Little Free Libraries throughout the neighborhoods in Lake Worth was achieved in 2017. Currently there are more than 120 Little Free Libraries in Lake Worth and more are still being built, painted and planted as locations become available. Our efforts have inspired similar projects in other areas and municipalities throughout Palm Beach County.

A Message from Todd H. Bol
Founder of Little Free
Our Story
by Paige Turner

Where We Are & Where We're Going

When we began, we knew that Lake Worth was fertile ground for this project that builds community and literacy, but we had no idea of the degree to which our neighbors would embrace the concept of "Take A Book ~ Leave A Book". Nor did we ever imagine how the Lake Worth artist community would elevate our efforts to a permanent and much beloved public art project.


Caring for the Little Free Libraries that serve our neighborhoods is an ongoing effort.  We follow a regular schedule of maintenance and rehabilitation to keep the Little Free Libraries and the artwork they display in tip top condition. Repairs, when necessary, are handled immediately. We continue to plant new Little Free Libraries whenever a new Steward offers a new location and of course, we welcome every opportunity to advise and support other new Little Free Library projects in other areas.

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