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The Little Free Library 

World-Wide Book Sharing Network

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This is our project's "Mothership" as we affectionately call it. They started it all in 2009 when one man built a little replica of a one room school house, filled it with books and planted it in his front yard in honor of his departed Mother. He put a little note on the door which offered "Free Books" and what followed is the stuff of myth and legend.


His name was Todd Bol and his simple loving act to honor his mother has become a world wide phenomenon currently with more than 85,000 Little Free Libraries in more than 90 countries around the world.

Lake Worth Little Free Libraries remains deeply grateful to the kind and generous folks at Little Free Library who have gone above and beyond with great, tried and tested sound advise, amazing support and contagious enthusiasm for our efforts. 

Sadly, Todd Bol died last September, very unexpectedly and entirely all too soon. We are proud to carry on the legacy of service to literacy and community that he began.

We were honored in April of 2018 when Todd Bol and his brother Tony came to Lake Worth for our City's BiblioArte Festival. They spent a week with us, visiting all our Elementary Schools, sharing the "Take A Book ~ Leave A Book". Todd presented the Community Master Builder award to the City of Lake Worth and the City of Lake Worth presented Todd with a Special Proclamation declaring the week of April 2019 as Little Free Library Month 


Every Lake Worth Little Free Library is and always will be chartered and registered with the Little Free world wide book sharing network. 

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"The moral of the story is, we likely will never have all the resources we need, but when all else fails, we have each other to depend on and build a better place ~ a better community."

Todd Bol, Creator and Founder of Little Free

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